Endowment  information & Application

We are blessed here at First Church to have a permanent endowment that has been set up to offer assistance to groups and individuals on a yearly basis to further the mission of the church both inside and outside our walls.  If you are interested in applying for funds, please download the application via the link in red below and follow the instructions and timelines listed in it. 


A Note about the First UMC Permanent endowment Trust


The Endowment Fund was established through a $1.6 million bequest from the estate of Mr. Robert Nye Holmes, widower of Sally Sitton Holmes, and son of the late Rev. Parker and Alice Dwiggins Holmes.  He was a member of First United Methodist Church of Forest City where his father was pastor from 1920-1924. 
Robert Holmes went to New York in the 1930’s where he held jobs with the Social Security Administration, Canada Dry Corporation, and Lassiter, publisher of tax guides.  Also, he served as administrator for a law firm. 
Robert returned to Forest City in 1858, living here until moving to Clemson in the early 1980’s.  He died in Clemson in 1991. 
The establishment of the Endowment Fund was announced in 1992 upon completion of estate paperwork and after the value of the gift could be determined. 


criteria for consideration

The criteria used for the distribution of the Endowment are in the areas of:


(1) Mission, (2) Programming,
and (3) Building. 


These are identified as “Internal” or “External.” 

Internal includes: building teams, scholarships, programming needs, building expansion, etc.

External includes: outside missions such as Thui Rancho; social missions such as Yokefellow, Chase Corner Ministry, the Community Clinic, and other local mission/non-profit organizations. 


Approximately $100,000 is distributed annually. 


members of the Endowment committee:

Finance Chairperson…..Scott Webber
Trustee Chairperson…..Matt Brown
Lay Leader…..Sharon Shipley
Endowment IRC Rep…..David Eaker
Treasurer (non-voting)…..Paula Rogalski

Class of 2023
Jamie Keever, Cherry Garmon, Judy Toney.

Class of 2024

Diane Warner, Pam Blice, Trip Flack

Class of 2025
Michelle Smith, Anna Feagin, Mark Duncan